Memories of my twin brother’s torment at home – because he did not succeed in his early years at school – fire my desire to help children who have problems at school, are truly unhappy there, or struggle in academics. If you ache for your kids because they are in over their heads at school … throw them these life saving strategies and friendly bits of advice, which lead to hope. If you have been known to pull hair (yours of course) because you can’t find a way to help your kids uncover the joy in learning … I am looking for you. If your kids cannot seem to get it together before, during, or after school … it is time to end the bedlam.
  • Experience from parenting our three children, as well as a teenaged foster child, forged my insight into unraveling various knotty complications.
  • Expertise garnered through studies for my BSE and ME degrees in Elementary Education and postgraduate studies developed my ability to know (and know where to find ) strategies and solutions for learning problems.
  • Empathy for my struggling students, and their concerned parents, permeated my 20-year teaching career. I worked with many parents who were eager to help their children succeed at school.

My hopes for this blog are to encourage and empower parents who care about their children, to inspire other parents to get involved, and to provide help for the children who experience problems with school.

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