It’s Never Too Early To Read To Your Child!

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Parents can set the stage for pleasant experiences at school by starting early. Before and after a child’s birth, they need to hear Mother Goose, Aesop’s Fables, nursery rhymes, silly songs, lullabies, and jingles. Above all, keep it up until the child is old enough to shave or say, “Enough, already!” These early efforts indelibly impress the rhythm of our language into their inner being. 🙂

Later, these experiences benefit children with an ability to pretend-read little board books and picture books along with their parents. Why? Lots of words are now familiar, phrasing is engrained, and they recognize sounds and see the letters to go with them. This can lead to pseudo-reading that children enjoy so much.

It is important to look the little ones in the eyes while talking to them. Yes, play “This Little Piggy …,” etc., pulling on their toes or doing actions, but be sure to look them in the eye. They enjoy seeing your face, and they pick up on emotions and your response to them at the same time.

Teacher and Student ReadingWhile working with students in Remedial Reading, I read a study that said holding children on your lap and reading into their right ear gives them extra advantages. Today, I found several current blogs and websites that reinforce this idea.

I quote one source: “The left hemisphere of the brain is the core centre for processing language. Verbal communication reaches the brain efficiently through the right ear, as the right ear communicates directly with the left hemisphere.”                        

Reading, singing, and being funny with children give them multiple benefits toward learning to read, but it also nourishes their need for attention and loving care. It’s a win, win all around.

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